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Tips for Creating a Cozy Bedroom for a Tween Girl

Tips for Creating a Cozy Bedroom for a Teenage Girl


It pains me to acknowledge that my little girl is growing up, but it was high time to remove the lady bug decor from Leah’s little feminine bedroom so that her individuality, which is now 10 years old, could come through. It was a great deal of joy to decorate this bedroom for a tween girl.


When Leah and I went shopping together once, she discovered Hobby Lobby and promptly fell in love with all of the coral and teal bedroom furnishings there. We chose to design her entire room based on this color scheme, and it just so happened that all of these items were on sale at the same time, so we bought a couple of them and used them as inspiration!

tween girl bedroom


Tween Room Makeover

When we relocated, one of the things that Leah desired for her new bedroom was her own own stage to play on. She enjoys having her friends around and thought it would be fun to have a venue for them to perform, so she has a karaoke machine and a microphone stand that she brings out when her friends come over.


It took Leah and I about an hour to build the corner stage together (not counting the time it took for the paint to dry), and she is in utter awe of it. (I do too!!!)

Tips for Creating a Cozy Bedroom for a Teenage Girl

Leah creates a cozy reading nook on the stage for herself when she is not performing her signature renditions of Taylor Swift tunes. We got some affordable pet cushions (the large, giant doggy bed ones), and then we sewed some complementing pillowcases to put on her stage for those times when she wants to curl up with a nice book instead of performing.


Another interesting feature that we included was the mosquito net that we hung above the stage; it makes the space look both sophisticated and inviting at the same time. I really like that this little stage may serve multiple purposes and can develop with her as she gets older.


Leah’s bed is located right next to the stage. We decided to go with a soft blanket in solid white so as not to compete with the potential volume of the room’s other elements. (Because I’m a minimalist at heart, I had to tone it down a little!)

tween girl bedroom ideas

In spite of the fact that Leah has her own bedroom, she continues to invite Mason and Addie to share her bed each and every night. (She is the most pleasant member of the family.) Both of them decide to sleep on the floor, so one of them pulls out her trundle bed, and the other constructs a bed for themselves on the floor with some blankets. They certainly do adore and care for their sister.


Leah’s desk, where she does her homework and which never appears as tidy, is located on the other side of the room. We hung some posters of the places she has visited in her home using some plain white picture frames, and we installed a shelf in the nook to provide storage for all of her treasured possessions.


This young lady brings back little miniatures from everywhere she goes to add to her collection.


Just one more image of the whole room this time —

tween girl bedroom ideas

And with that, we have reached the final stop on the trip!


The furniture is clean and white, and there are colorful accents in the artwork and accessories. What a lively room, right?


What do you think of the bedroom that belongs to my daughter?


Leah absolutely adores her brand-new room fit for a tween, especially all of the vibrant colors, and it makes me so glad to see how content she is in this space.

tween girl bedroom ideas

When we decorated Leah’s room, she was just ten years old, but by the time she turned 12, she was done with it! For nearly a year, I stored all of these coral and teal pieces in the closet that serves as our utility room’s auxiliary closet, and I had no idea what I was going to do with them.


When my friend asked me to assist her with decorating her daughter’s bedroom, I had a conversation with Taelyn, who was ten years old at the time, about what she envisioned for her own space. Taelyn recalled her older sister Leah’s bedroom, which featured a stage and a reading nook. I am in LOVE with those hues!


The moment that she mentioned this room, a switch in my brain flipped, and I blurted out, “I still have all of those stuff – do you want them?!?!?” She was beyond thrilled to put them to use, and I was beyond thrilled to know that they were going to such a wonderful place.