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The Easiest Ways to Transform Your Shelving


This DIY your bookshelf with fancy decoration is something that the most of us have attempted at some point, but the focus of this blog is more on ideas that involve books. In the event that you have ever been confronted with an empty bookcase and ornamental objects that you are unsure of where to place, you are aware that this will not be a simple process. A combination of art and science, so to speak, is required to create the ideal arrangement for a bookcase. You are going to need to give some thought to not only how it will look but also how it should operate before you can proceed. Keep up with the blog, and let the concepts that we’ve posted under capture your imagination!



The impact on the horizontal plane

It is already the default manner for books in a library to be lined up vertically, and there is a solid reason for this: It makes finding books and taking them out of the shelf more simpler and quicker. But if you want to change things up, try stacking books horizontally rather than vertically for books that are supposed to be attractive rather than books that are reached for frequently. They will provide an additional layer of texture and interest to your area, particularly when used with rows that are arranged vertically.


Colour Schemes

We are aware that the majority of you must suffer from some form of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). It might be for the letters, or it could be for the names. Fans of visual order are sure to adore this decorating move. And the permutations are, it would appear, limitless: You could organize the books in a rainbow-like pattern, you could group them into blocks of color, you could pick just one color, or you could go with neutrals. We suggest experimenting with a few different possibilities to determine which one works the best in the available space.


The anarchy that reigns in chaos

Imagine going to one of your favorite bookstores or libraries. It is very conceivable that the shelves are completely crammed with items. You can attempt to recreate the allure of your favorite classic setting by cramming as many books as possible into your bookcases. You can do this in a few different ways: you can wedge volumes into vacant crevices, stack tomes on top of the shelf, or place overflow stacks on the floor.


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Plants and Containers

Put some plants in pots and display them on your shelves to liven up the space. Blooming flowers, ivy that has grown out of control, and ferns with airy fronds: Shelves that are stocked with books and decorative accents can be livened up beautifully with the addition of flora in any form, size, or variety.


Elegant Storing Solutions

Bookshelves can be used to store and display (even just a tiny bit of all your kitchen and dining products for those who are limited on the amount of cupboard space they have available. We advocate storing items of a higher practical use in closed cabinetry and giving your most prized possessions prominent display on open shelves, where they can be found alongside books or on their own. Collections of glassware, silver, china, or sculptural vases are all wonderful examples of great prospects.



In addition to being a common shortcut on the Desktop, it is also possible to use it on your bookshelf. The following is a basic formula for organizing bookshelves. Horizontally stack anywhere from three to six books, then top them with accents such as artwork, small objets, vases, or picture frames. The possibilities are endless. Coffee table books are ideal for this application due to the wider surface area that they offer, although standard-sized volumes can also be used well.


The Vintage Collection in its entirety

There is nothing quite like an old book to infuse your shelves with a sense of history, and we are especially fond of the way that collections of ancient volumes bring the cozy atmosphere of a library into our own homes. Find some old encyclopedias, series, or reference books, or a collection of opulent leather-bound novels, if you want to bring some old world elegance into your home.


Accents and Works of Art

Hang artwork or other wall decor in front of your bookshelf to take a hint from one of the most popular moves used by interior decorators. Even though we adore the aesthetic of the large piece here because it makes such a bold statement, we also think that smaller pieces and works that are hung in multiples may have just as great of an impact. Just make sure that you won’t need to reach for the books that are hidden behind them too frequently. The addition of sconces, which can also be visible in this image, is a resourceful modification to built-in that will transform your library into the most ideal reading corner.


We really hope that you found this blog to be enjoyable to read! You can find more interesting tacky blogs about paint, wall art, and a lot of other things in our section that is dedicated to home design ideas if you are looking for more ideas on how to decorate your home.

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