Steps That Will Completely Transform How You Organize Your Kitchen

Easy Steps That Will Completely Transform How You Organize Your Kitchen


A lot of people think the kitchen is heaven on earth. It is the haven where delectable meals are cooked, where morning coffee is savored while keeping up with the most recent pins on Pinterest, and where a substantial amount of housework is completed.


In any case, regardless of the outcome, a fully operational kitchen is an essential component of any home. There are times when the kitchen can rapidly become a chaotic paradise, especially if you are cooking up a storm or entertaining guests. Because of this, we have decided to scour the internet in order to find 10 methods for life-changing kitchen organization that won’t break your pocketbook or your mind.


This list will undoubtedly assist you in developing a system in which all utensils are simple to locate, the amount of mess that exists is minimized, and everything is stored tidily in pretty boxes.


Attaching the holder to the inside of your kitchen drawer is as easy as using glue or drilling a few screws into the wood. Once the holder is in place, you can use it to store items like cling wrap and foil. You could also put those printed recipes in it as it would make a great container for storing them!


1. Sink Caddies Wall Storage

Sink Caddies Wall Storage

Okay, so it’s possible that you’ve completely maxed out the storage capacity of your cupboards and there’s no more room to add any more. I found this cool little do-it-yourself instruction on how to mount sink caddies on the wall using Velcro Command Strips, and I think it’s quite cool. I’m seriously considering putting in a few for my own home!


2. Install Kitchen Sink Drawer That Tips Out

Install Kitchen Sink Drawer That Tips Out

It’s possible that you’ll require some assistance with this project, but the investment will be well worth it. If it were up to me, I’d install this over my kitchen sink and use it to hold all of my brushes as well as my liquid soap. Bear in mind that prolonged contact with water causes wood to rot and break down; thus, you should make sure that a sealant has been applied.


These containers are the ideal size for storing utensils and baking equipment, so you won’t have to worry about a mess being made. If you want to take things a step further, you can create an improvised pull-out compartment by obtaining two pieces of wood or plank that are roughly the size of rulers, gluing the bottom ends of the pieces, and then sticking them down directly against the two sides of your container.


3. Separators for Tension Rods

Separators for Tension Rods

In connection with the subject of cooking implements, here’s a neat do-it-yourself tutorial that repurposes old curtain rods as dividers. Place them in your cabinet with a gap of between 5 and 10 centimeters between each divider. This ought to be sufficient to hold the majority of baking equipment that is of an average size.


4. A Rack for Magazines That Has Been Repurposed

A Rack for Magazines That Has Been Repurposed

Although it is obvious that the market for paperback magazines is going to the dogs (which is a huge bummer because I really enjoy reading them), this does not mean that you cannot put that old magazine rack or holder that you have been storing away to good use!


5. Shelving Separators That Can Be Hung

Shelving Separators That Can Be Hung

I can’t believe it took me so long to come up with such a brilliant concept! By utilizing racks, we are able to make use of the higher, unused regions in our drawers and load lightweight things such as lids into those spaces. DIYing this project shouldn’t set you back more than a few dollars at most!


6. PVC Wine Rack

This one is dedicated to all of you who enjoy wine and is specifically intended for you. PVC pipe with a diameter of 4 inches can be purchased at any hardware store. You have the option of painting them different colors, adding some fairy light to them, or simply utilizing them in their current state. It’s so straightforward, but at the same time it’s so astute!


7. Install a Shelving Unit Above the Sink.

This is a lovely way to make use of the space that is located over your sink. A shelf like this one will set you back approximately thirty dollars, but on the bright side, you won’t have to do any of the assembly yourself. Simply make your purchase, position it over your sink, and begin adding items to it.


8. Hanging Rail Above Your Kitchen Sink

To achieve a more polished appearance with this do-it-yourself project, you will need to put in some effort and exercise your creativity. It is practical, yet one could argue that its aesthetic value is lacking. However, if you’re short on storage space, this is a fantastic suggestion!


9. Cork Boards for the Interior

This is my favorite piece of advice out of all of them. Even though I’m a big fan of to-do lists and post-it notes, I cringe every time I see a refrigerator covered in them. Additionally, I do not want guests to walk into my kitchen and read my personal to-do list because I find that kind of strange. Because of this, I don’t have to be concerned about that at all! You can make use of a cork board that you have attached to the inside of one of your cabinets by pinning lists, recipes, cutlery, and measuring cups to it.


10. Makeshift Pull Outs

Hey, are you familiar with those enormous storage containers made of plastic that are accumulating dust? That’s right, those! Why don’t you give them a sham workout and use them as pull outs?

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