Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping Your Sanity While Organizing LEGOs

Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping Your Sanity While Organizing LEGOs


Discover how to establish a LEGO organization system using materials that are uncomplicated and affordable, and that is user-friendly for both your children and the rest of your family.


They can be found almost anywhere. They can be found hiding between the fibers of my rugs, falling through the openings of my heating vents, getting caught in my garbage disposal, and showing up on practically every surface of my home.


LEGOs are simultaneously the bane of my existence and the method I turn to most often when I need to buy myself some peace and quiet on a Sunday afternoon. My children are always thrilled to get new LEGO sets as presents, but this means that there are always a lot of bits lying about the house.


That is, until a disagreement between the children causes a number of brightly colored bricks and miniature yellow people to be launched into the air.


When fragments of LEGO are scattered all over our home, walking barefoot on them is dangerous, and my children have no use for them.

It’s never fun to get started on a job, only to find out that an item you really need and want to use can’t be located anywhere in the house.


There are numerous simple ways to arrange LEGOs, but the majority of the choices that I found entail either sorting LEGOs according to color or utilizing power tools to construct a do-it-yourself solution.


I just want the LEGO mess to be removed off my floor and the countertops in my kitchen.

I simply do not have the time to construct anything elaborate, and the mere idea of arranging hundreds of LEGO bricks in color order causes me to develop (even more) gray hair.


But before I show you how I organize my LEGO, here are some other people’s approaches to the same problem.


The Most Common Methods for Storing LEGO Pieces

Classified according to color

People who are able to patiently arrange LEGO bricks in accordance with their hue inspire a great deal of admiration from me. Having said that, knowing both my children and myself, there is no way in the world that any of us could keep up with this method.


Determined by the set used

For children who enjoy taking their LEGO creations apart and putting them back together at a later time, it is helpful to store the individual parts of LEGO sets in their original packaging or in a bag that can be closed with a zipper.

Because my children get upset and start crying if something goes wrong with their project, disassembly is not an option for us. Instead, we show you the finished LEGO sets that they built.

Determined based on the type of component

Maintain the order of the minifigs, the wheels, and anything else that comes to mind.


How to Finally and Completely Organize Your LEGO Collection

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How many times have you attempted to organize the playroom, only to have your hard work undone because no one (other than you) puts things back where they belong?


There is a good chance that you are arranged based on your ideal circumstance rather than on reality.

You’re dreaming that your children are playing in the playroom while neatly organizing all of the LEGO parts into color-coded containers according to color.

The truth is that the children play with LEGO bricks everywhere over the house, but the playroom is rarely used in favor of my son’s bedroom.


It is unreasonable for me to anticipate that my oldest son, who is obsessed with LEGOs, will be able to put away any of his toys, let alone clean up extra pieces and sort them by color.



The Quickest and Most Effective Method for Organizing LEGO Bricks and Parts

Here is how we have decided to organize and store LEGOs in our home after consulting with both of the children about their preferences. It’s quick and simple to do!

Indeed, you have it correct. It has come to our attention that the least amount of effort put into sorting and organizing LEGO pieces yields the best results. It’s fine if you disagree with us, but that’s what works best for the LEGO-obsessed kids in our family.


Due to the limited space in our son’s bedroom, I decided to make my own LEGO storage box using a transparent under-bed storage bin to help keep the clutter under control.

I searched every single room in the house for LEGO bricks and hauled them all up to the second floor, where my son’s bedroom is located. Once they were all there, I arranged them into three distinct groups according to the interests of my son:


Both humans and other creatures

“Special” parts

Everything else

The people, animals, and small bits that are exceptional are stored in two small plastic containers, which keep them isolated from the clutter of other bricks and abandoned constructions. The fact that my son, who is six years old, and his sister, who is four years old, came to the conclusion that it is acceptable to keep both of their LEGO sets together is a lovely and rare thing.

Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping Your Sanity While Organizing LEGOs


How to Organize Duplo LEGO Pieces

The entirety of their Duplo LEGO collection has been moved to the playroom’s IKEA Trofast storage system and placed in a single large bin. When my younger son and daughter want to use the bin, it is easy for my older son to transport it upstairs on his own.


Instruction Guides for LEGO and How to Organize Them

On the bookcase that belongs to my son is a three-ring binder that has all of the LEGO instruction manuals stored in plastic sheet protectors.



Why Children Can Benefit from Using This LEGO Storage System

Everyone in the house is aware of where to find the LEGO bricks and where they should be stored because the house is organized to have a specific location for each of the two primary types of LEGO bricks (normal bricks and Duplo).


The under-bed storage system is ideal for use in areas with limited space, yet it is capacious enough to accommodate a significant number of LEGO bricks.

Children may organize the pieces in one of three straightforward ways, which makes cleanup a breeze.

The mechanism may be adjusted easily. When the children are older and want to rearrange the LEGOs in a different manner, they are free to do so on their own accord.



Maintaining an Organization of LEGOs

It is such a pleasure to know that all of their construction bricks have a home, as opposed to having fifteen storage containers that are only half full and damaged cardboard boxes! Because we store LEGO in an easy-to-access manner, every member of the household is able to contribute to the upkeep of the system.


Are you prepared to gather the LEGO bricks and prevent further injury to your feet by avoiding going barefoot? In the following comment section, please share with me the strategies you use to keep the toy turmoil under control.