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Ideas for Decorating Your Home’s Window Seats that are Brilliant


In the world of interior design, the expression “windows can make or break a place” carries a great deal of weight. On the other hand, the significance of window décor is frequently minimized by carelessness that is subtle. Window dressings can serve a practical purpose, provide aesthetic value, or help you achieve a more harmonious relationship between the interior of your home and the quantity of natural light that enters it. If you are interested in learning more about how to choose the perfect window seat for your home, please check out our article on the topic, which is located on our blog, which is entirely dedicated to discussing light, colors, and how to choose the right window seat.



It’s safe to say that adorning a comfortable little window seat is right up there with decorating a wrap-around porch or even a home sauna in terms of the level of investment required. And it would be even more ideal if that nice little window seat was located in the attic, where you could perch there for the entirety of the day and take in the breathtaking views. It doesn’t matter if you live in a house that already has bay window seats, if you’re trying to make use of an awkward nook by a window, or if you just love the look and want to hack it in your current space; whatever the case may be, we have twenty chic ideas and designer examples to bring your window seat dreams to life.



The Traditional Flavor

Ideas for Decorating Your Home's Window Seats that are Brilliant

This tranquil sitting room that was created by Heather Hilliard is going to see the most use from that quaint window bench that she included in the space. The ceilings are gently curved, and a neutral color palette combined with light blue hues produce the ideal comfortable atmosphere.



Increase the Amount of Space

In order to have a window seat that steals the show, you don’t need to have the furniture customized or spend money on built-ins. Janie Molster, an interior designer, moved a settee into the space that was formed by the angled bay windows in this room. Then, she gave the surrounding walls an energizing hue of flamingo pink paint, which works wonderfully with the red stripes and is tempered by the gray and white drapes, which make this little corner more cozier.


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The Mixing Of It All

This living area, designed by Tamsin Johnson, is plenty of personality despite its simple appearance and neutral color palette; this is evidenced by the three-tiered arc lamp as well as the beach-inspired rattan furniture. The window seat is a wonderful addition to a living room that doubles as a family room because, when it is not in use (thanks in part to those sculptural spherical pillows), it blends into the background, but it also provides a cozy spot for the person who occupies it when they simply want to hang out.



Hang a Light

Cameron Ruppert achieved his goal of creating cohesion by using a duvet cover, throw cushion, and wallpaper that were all coordinated. The soft blue-gray and green tones are perfect for a bedroom, and the sloping ceilings that surround the window seat make the space feel even more inviting. An additional source of reading light is provided by a pedant that is hung directly above the nook.




Utilize Cushions of an Excessive Size

This window seat, which was created by Nicole Hollis, is the perfect place for a power nap because to the layered, muted colors and embroidered accents it features. You should keep a small stool or side table nearby for things like books or tea, and you should choose for oversized lumbar pillows so that you can lean against something soft rather than the harsh wall.



Complement the Building’s Current Architecture

Ideas for Decorating Your Home's Window Seats that are Brilliant


The captivating and relaxing picture outside is instantly brought to our attention by this roomy nook inside the building. To achieve the perfect level of warmth, all you need is a few throw blankets and cushions, some overhead lighting, and a side table where you can set your books and glasses. The perspective should take care of the rest of the work. The uncluttered appearance and contemporary feel are just what the skeletal framework of the room needs to feel complete.




The Contemporary Twist

This built-in bench designed by Studio DB is a little but transforming accent that injects quick elegance into a space that has a transitional feel overall. It is perfectly proportioned with the tall and slender window.


We sincerely hope that this post has been helpful to you; there is a lot of thought that goes into curating the ideal window seat decoration ideas that complement your home’s aesthetic. The aforementioned interior designers have compiled a list of some great masterpieces of window decorating ideas that can be used in any home. Be sure to check them out, and of course, if you’re interested in learning more about color theory, read the article that we have on paints.