How to Quickly and Easily Organize ANY Space in Just 3 Steps


These 3 steps to organizing will help you stay on track with your goals, and they will lead to fantastic outcomes.


On the shelves of the cupboard are books and various decorations.

Because I enjoy it so much, you can frequently find me rearranging and organizing different areas of my home, including closets, cupboards, and other rooms. Simply being in a space that is tidy and well organized brings a smile to my face, especially when I was present throughout the entirety of its transformation. There are times when organizing chores are straightforward, like organizing a small kitchen cabinet, and other times when they are challenging, like organizing a garage that is cluttered with boxes and tools. Therefore, if I decide to tackle a space, I simplify the task as much as possible by following these four easy steps in order to get the job done.


How to Quickly and Easily Organize ANY Space in Just 4 Steps

  1. Make Room for It

The first thing you are going to need to do is clean up the area. Get everything out, whether it’s a small cabinet or a vast garage. It doesn’t matter. It is necessary to begin with an empty space so that you can imagine how you want things to look after you are through. I realize this can be difficult, especially when you are working with a larger area; nonetheless, it is imperative that you begin with an empty space.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever been motivated to start a project, only to become disheartened or sidetracked in the middle of working on it. You convince yourself that you’ll do it later, so you cram everything back where it was before, making the area appear much messier than it was before you started. Just me? Consider the following advice in this regard:


Create time in your schedule for your projects. After you’ve started something, the longer you delay to finish it, the less probable it is that you’ll actually finish it.

Do not remove more from the system than you can successfully replace within the allotted period of time.

You should first choose how much you want to achieve by a given date, and then you should put in a lot of effort to get there. (1 cabinet in one hour, the full garage in three days, and so on)

After you have determined what you want to do, write it down on your calendar and make a note of any activities that might interfere with it. If you know that cleaning out your garage is going to take several days to complete, for instance, you shouldn’t try to take on this project during a week that is busier than usual. And if you know you won’t be able to return to it for several more weeks, don’t begin it on a Saturday when you’re planning to start it.



  1. Take Care of the Mess

Following the completion of the decluttering process, it is time to clean up that area. Because, let’s be real, it’s been an eon since it was cleaned, and it’s quite unlikely that you’ll get around to cleaning it again for a really long time!


Clean any and all shelves and other surfaces.

The floor should be swept or vacuumed.



  1. Organize Your Belongings

Before you begin putting anything away, you should sort all of your belongings into one of four piles: Keep, Put Away, Donate, and Trash.


What you intend to maintain in that area is represented by everything in the pile labeled “KEEP.”

The items in the pile labeled “PUT AWAY” are ones that you want to keep, but they do not have a place in the area that is now being organized by you.

The things that have been sorted into the DONATE pile can either be given to Deseret Industries, Goodwill, or The Salvation Army in order for them to be put to use by someone else.

Things that belong in the TRASH pile are items that should either be thrown away or recycled.

When everything is in order…


Put everything you want to keep in the pile you just made aside.

Get rid of the pile labeled “Arrange AWAY” and put everything in its proper location. (Do not allow it to remain there; put it away as soon as possible!) Put everything that does not have a place to go in the pile that is designated for donations.

Gather everything in your DONATE pile and place it in boxes or bags. Put all of these things straight away inside your vehicle so that you can deliver them to a donation center the next time you are out and about in the world.

Get rid of your TRASH pile by throwing it away. Do not try to save any objects; throw them out or recycle them as soon as possible.

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