How to organize your life in 2023


If you have been looking for a while for ways to organize your life (in one Week due to desperation), the reason for this is probably because you feel overwhelmed with so much work and, at the same time, feel as if you are hardly making any progress toward your goals. If this is the case, you need to stop searching for ways to organize your life and start taking action.


Don’t worry about it; it happens to each and every one of us! Because we have so many things that require our attention on a daily basis, ranging from our professional responsibilities to our individual objectives, we could end up feeling overwhelmed.


I have ten suggestions for you today that will help you get your life more organized.


How can I keep myself organized throughout the course of a week?

It may take longer for some people than others, depending on their own self-pace, to adjust to new circumstances and establish a pattern that will help them stay organized. However, this is very common!

On the other hand, if you implement all of the suggestions that I have provided below within a week, you will be able to maintain your organization in about a week’s time.


How to organize your life in 2023

10 Suggestions on How to Get Your Life in Order in Just One Week

step 1 : Make time in your schedule for planning.

It is imperative that we carve out time and space for planning before we go headfirst into completing one assignment after another.


You should take one day out of the week and set aside time to plan out your life, either by utilizing a planner or by writing a lot in order to come up with plans for things you want to do.


Do it in the time you have set aside for it, so that when you begin working towards your goal, you will know exactly what to do, how much there is to do, and how to do it! In the following sections, I will discuss the resources and strategies that can help you plan efficiently.



step 2 : Compose stuff on paper.

The average person has approximately 6000 thoughts in a given day. Because of this, our brain is only capable of remembering a few things at a time! In particular for me, because I am the queen of forgetting things.


Consequently, putting everything in writing is of the utmost significance! Regardless of whether you jot your thoughts down in a traditional notepad or on the memos app on your smartphone, as soon as an idea or a task occurs to you, you must immediately put it into action.


I use the Notion Organizing your life Planner to jot down all of the tasks that I need to complete as well as any ideas that come to mind. I immediately jot it down in my Thought-Processing Journal!

Therefore, you should write it down.


step 3 : Designate a specific location for everything.

Given that we are continually noting down chores and ideas  capturing screenshots, and gathering a wide variety of other information that we might need to refer to in the future, one ought to have space for all of this.

Otherwise, it will become disorganized, which will make it difficult to locate when you need it!


You will save time and effort if you create a unique location for every kind of work or concept so that you can find what you need quickly.


By making folders and naming them individually  or by utilizing multiple notepads for different categories, one may keep things organized and make it easier to find what one is looking for.


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step 4 : Use a method to keep you organized

Systems are the instruments that will help you reach your goals, whereas goals are the things that you want to do (the destination) (journey). Constructing an efficient system that is tailored to your needs will result in improved performance and increased longevity.


Simply put  you can’t stay organized without the appropriate programs, apps, or strategies! There are both digital and physical means available to help you maintain order and organization in your life.


You have the option of using simply digital  purely physical or both for various pieces of work. It is necessary to try out each approach and determine which one is most successful for you.


For instance I use the program Notion for my blog I made a fully functional location for each individual work that I needed to complete for my blog.


Because I work on my laptop I feel that using Notion on the laptop and having everything in one location is the most convenient option for me.


On the other hand  when it came to my private life I used to keep track of everything by writing it down in physical journals and notebooks. I also used the notes app on my iPhone.


But now I’ve made the decision to use my thought space, and I’ve made it into an all-in-one notion space, where I can organize my goals and dump my responsibilities!


It is still focused more on the professional side than the personal side, but with the assistance of my Notion Template, I can easily write down both my professional and personal goals and keep track of them.

In a same vein, you need to try out each tool, determine which one works best for you, and stick with that one!


step 5 : Perform activities of a similar nature in bulk.

If you want to boost your productivity at work  it is absolutely necessary to group together duties that are related.

Meaning: Work activities that are comparable to one another in terms of location and kind should be completed,


For instance responding to all of your messages and emails in a single sitting and then going shopping for a large quantity of items together rather than doing a few emails, going out to complete the task, and then returning back home to continue responding to your messages and emails.


Because of this the flow of your work will be disrupted which will not only waste your time but also your energy. When you go to work, you have to get out of one zone and into another zone where you may focus on other activities. After that, you have to put yourself back into the first zone.


In a similar vein, you can even devote an entire day to activities of this like. For instance, the content creation for my blog is scheduled for one day, and the day devoted to content preparation is scheduled for the next day. Because of this, the flow of work is maintained, and I am able to complete my tasks quickly.


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step 6 : Get the most crucial thing out of the way first.

In the past, I was in the habit of creating daily to-do lists for myself. On these lists, I would write down approximately ten tasks that I needed to accomplish in a given day in order to feel productive. These tasks would include things like finishing assignments, studying for exams, and completing other small jobs.


Again, I thought I would be more productive if I did lots of jobs, so I would start with the tasks that were the least difficult and least urgent, and then I would complete all of them. However, at the end of the day, I would only have completed 8 tasks instead of the 2, which were the most important!


Because of this, even though I had the impression that I was making progress, in the end I had not moved forward at all, and I still had more pending projects and more chapters to learn as quickly as possible.


You should only create three important to-do lists for the day, and you should start with the item that is the most critical and urgent. If you do this, you will get everything done that needs to be done, and you will see progress.


step 7 : Sort your to-do list by importance and prioritize it.

In continuation of the previous point, filtering and prioritizing your duties is still another technique to further arrange your life!


Divide all your tasks into 4 categories

Important but not urgent

Urgent but not Important

Significant and time-sensitive

Not significant and not a pressing concern


This manner, you’ll know that the jobs that are both essential and urgent need to be completed first, followed by those tasks that are urgent (have a deadline) but are not important, and so on and so forth.



step 8 : Give a timeline to tasks

As you just saw, we are able to assign higher priority to jobs that are more time sensitive and complete those tasks more rapidly; nonetheless, giving timetables is quite efficient.


Put it on your calendar and decide on a date or a schedule, such as “I need to get it done this week” or “I need to have it done this month.” You will feel an increasing amount of pressure to go to work on it as the deadline draws closer!

For this reason, I really like My Notion Planner because it allows me to rapidly write down my objectives and tasks and set a due date for them.


step 9 : Make preparations for the following day the night before.

It is quite effective to plan out the next day’s activities the night before in order to have a well-organized day. When you first open your eyes in the morning, you are well aware of all that needs to be done, and you immediately get to work.


I discuss in detail the 17 things that are the absolute best and most productive to do before going to bed. Make use of it to kickstart a more planned approach to your day!


step 10 : Think About It Once a Week

Pick out a specific day of the week to devote to self-reflection, when you’ll be able to examine not only how the past week unfolded but also what you accomplished and how you intend to spend the upcoming one. You are able to monitor not only your work but also every other aspect of your life!

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