How to Keep Planner Supplies Organized

Organizing Planner Supplies


I am a planner addict! Nevertheless, I do not feel ashamed to confess that it is an issue! Since I was a young child, I have held a deep fascination for planners. But since since I was shown the Happy Planner, that fixation has reached an entirely new level of intensity. When I was younger, I was content with a simple planner and pen; however, these days, I feel the need to have everything. Stickers, pens, folders, and dividers for your planner, as well as washi tape. The list can be continued indefinitely. The issue, however, was that when I had gathered all of these planning supplies, I lacked a method for organizing them! As a result of some trial and error, I have come up with an organization system for my planner items that I just adore! Have a look at the shelf below, where I keep all of my planner supplies organized!


How To Organize Planner Supplies


Organizing Planner Supplies

Organizing Planner Supplies

If you have a Happy Planner or have looked at any of the other products that company makes, you undoubtedly already know that they sell a lot of adorable add-ons and extras. They have everything imaginable to complement each of their planner lines in stock and ready to ship. Things like pens, more paper, covers, stickers, and so on! Because of this, when I made the decision to use The Mom Planner as my planner for 2019, I wanted everything to be consistent. Due to the fact that my husband and mother-in-law ended up giving me a large quantity of planner goods for Christmas, it was only natural for me to try to devise an excellent method for organizing all of my planner resources. Since I am obsessed with organization, this was unavoidable. I came to the conclusion that the best way to store and display all of my planners would be on a white bookcase.


Organizing Planner Pens

planner pens

I found that the See Jane Work Pen Holders were the perfect solution for keeping all of my planning pens in order. They have a great capacity for holding pins and look adorable with their blue chevron pattern.


Organizing Planner Stickers

Organizing Planner Stickers

I use See Jane Work Magazine Holders as containers for all of my Happy Planner Planner Stickers so that I can maintain order among them. They make it possible for me to quickly find the sticker book I’m seeking for and then easily store it away again thanks to their flawless fit. In addition to that, they can store quite a few sticker books! I believe at one point in time I possessed more than 30,000 stickers, and all of them were organized inside of these magazine holders. Magazine holders are ideal for the purpose of storing and organizing planner stickers since they are convenient and space-saving storage options.

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Organizing Washi Tape

Washi Tape is a girl’s greatest friend when it comes to organizing her planner, and oh my goodness, I have so much of it that I don’t think I will ever use it all up! I usually get them in bulk packs from stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael, but I recently discovered that Amazon sells some very adorable sets of their products.


But I use the CraftStack Washi Tape Organizer that you can find at Michaels in order to keep all of my washi tape in order! Sadly, we no longer have it, but if you look around on Amazon, you can find some fantastic replacements for less than twenty dollars. You have access to some wonderful choices in this location.


Organizing Planner Punches and Everything Else

How to Keep Planner Supplies Organized

In order to use the Happy Planner, you will need a variety of accessories, such arc punches, paperclips, dividers, planner pins, and so on. I use a variety of sizes of fabric baskets to help me arrange all of the “extras.” These baskets are a part of the See Jane Work Line and originated from Office Depot where they may be purchased. Although they are on the little side, they are really strong and work wonderfully as holders for my Happy Planner Arc Punch.

In addition, they have space for an additional box of pens, a small Happy Planner Pen Pouch, and a few other other items.


I use the organizer tray that comes with the See Jane Work product to store smaller objects like paperclips, magnetic bookmarks, and other small planning extras. It is just the right size for holding a few small things!

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