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DIY Corner Shelving Projects: Ideas and Inspiration


Ideas for Corner Shelves Since it can be challenging to work with corner areas, the first thing that could come to mind is the concept of building a corner wall shelf DIY-style like a pro. This blog provides a wealth of different concepts for you to consider implementing into your walls. There aren’t a lot of things that you can place in there, but despite the fact that your options for interior design and decoration are limited, there are some wonderful ideas that are not only fashionable but also functional.



A standard corner shelf unit can be personalized in a great number of different ways. If you want to give the impression that it’s a rocket, you can even make that happen. It’s really not that difficult. First, you have to give it a suggestive shape, and then you can also add a few finishing touches, such as maybe a custom paint job or some creative embellishments on the sides. After that, it’s ready for use.


One such example is the corner wall shelf, which not only allows for more storage but also provides a surface for displaying various objects. In the hopes that they will serve as a source of motivation for you when it comes time to work on your next home improvement project, we are going to share with you today some of our favorite DIY corner shelf ideas.



Shelf with a Right Angled Corner

Shelves in the shape of triangles can be arranged neatly in corners. They are an excellent choice for corridors, entryways, or pretty much any other place, and there is a simple way to make their design more user-friendly so that the mounting hardware may be concealed within the shelves.


Floating Shelf in the Corner

Floating corner shelves are not only stylish but also simple to construct, just as the examples that can be found online. To achieve the appearance of the shelves being quite thick and sturdy, as can be seen, you will first need to construct a frame for each shelf. This will allow you to avoid actually utilizing large pieces of wood to achieve the desired effect. Using this strategy, you can even create hidden storage places within the shelves, if that’s something you’re interested in doing.



Corner Door Shelf

Every do-it-yourself project has its own personality, but some of them are more noticeable than others. An illustration of this may be found on craftaholics anonymous, in the form of a tutorial that demonstrates how to transform an old wooden door into a shelving unit that can fit into a confined corner area. If you so choose, you are free to keep the doorknob in its normal position. It is possible for it to have a lovely appearance if it is designed well.


Shelf Made From Cubes Of Cornered Wood

Instead of the standard shelf that is flat, perhaps something that is a little more interesting to look at and consistent could be a better fit for the space in your corner. It sounds like a very neat concept to have a corner shelf made out of wood cubes. The structure of this one is symmetrical, and it is not overly challenging to put together. In this particular instance, the design places a greater emphasis on aesthetics than it does on either practicality or the capacity for efficient storage.



The use of kitchen wall shelf ideas makes it simple to make the most out of the available space in the kitchen while also maximizing the amount of storage space. Additionally, the kitchen is an excellent location for installing corner shelves. You could want to install corner shelves in your kitchen so that you have a convenient place to store spices, dishes, and other items, or so that you can keep herb pots close to the windows.


There is no requirement for perfection in a corner wall shelf that you build yourself. In point of truth, nothing absolutely needs to be perfect; nevertheless, in this instance, we actually have a proposal on how to make the most of the faults in a shelf: Try out a design that is inspired by live edge wood like the one that is published on instructables. Basically, all you have to do is cut a piece of wood and give it an edge that has an intentionally rough appearance.


There are a variety of approaches that can be taken to make corner shelf ideas look attractive and fascinating while at the same time maximizing their functionality. For instance, you could install a few hooks on a shelf so that in addition to displaying things on the shelf itself, you could also hang things in the corner of the room.


There is no reason to believe that corner shelving units would be any different from other types of shelves in terms of the diversity of functions they can perform. Shelves in general can accommodate a wide range of items. Suppose you want to construct a planter stand that is small enough to fit in the corner of a room. Make the structure as tall as you want it to be, taking into account the number of plants you have.

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