3 easy ways To Organize Bathroom Drawers

3 easy ways To Organize Bathroom Drawers


One of the things that I’ve always found it difficult to keep organized is the drawers in the bathroom. Mostly due to the fact that I was unable to locate the appropriate storage containers for the job. In our bathroom, we have drawers that are on the shorter and shallower side. Despite the fact that I adore our vanity, these drawers are a major letdown for me. Because they are so little, the majority of my storage containers won’t fit inside of them, thus I can’t use them to hold any of my hair styling supplies. Nevertheless, I was shopping at Walmart not too long ago and came found these little storage trays made by Mainstays. I had no doubt that they would do a fantastic job of organizing the drawers in our bathroom! Check out this video to learn how to arrange your bathroom drawers for under $6!


How to Organize the Drawers in Your Bathroom

When I was at Walmart and saw those little storage trays, my first thought was that maybe I could fit two of them side by side in our drawers. Because you could buy two storage trays for the price of one, I purchased four complete sets of storage trays. Because of the unfortunate fact that they were somewhat too wide, I was forced to stack the storage trays in our drawers in a vertical orientation. I purchased one more inexpensive storage tray from the Dollar Tree in order to fill in the extra space. You’ll find these in the part of the store devoted to kitchenware. You can get all three for just one dollar!

3 easy ways To Organize Bathroom Drawers

 Step 1

The very first thing you need to do in order to organize your bathroom drawers is to empty them completely. Take stock of what you own while you are cleaning out your drawers and putting away your accessories and toiletries. Are you hoarding a product for styling your hair or for applying makeup that you either don’t like or haven’t used in a while? Throw it away if you have reasonable certainty that you won’t be using it. This step must not be skipped!


3 easy ways To Organize Bathroom Drawers


Your bathroom drawers will be less organized in proportion to the amount of clutter you have in them. Keep only the things that you actually use! After you have cleared out your drawers, wipe away any traces of makeup or dirt. It’s possible that you’ll need to use a vacuum to get rid of the hair and dirt that’s accumulated in the cracks of your drawers.


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Step 2

The next step is to organize your storage containers so that they fit within your drawers. It’s possible that you’ll need to experiment with positioning them both horizontally and vertically. It’s possible that, given the dimensions of your drawer, you won’t be able to arrange storage trays in the same way that I did. Alternately, you might be able to utilize a greater number of containers than I was able to. (Lucky You!)


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Step 3

After you have finished stocking your drawers with various containers for storage, you can go on to the fun part. Get started on restocking your cabinets and drawers. Put the things in the containers that you use most regularly on the top drawers of the chest of drawers. This may include your contact lenses, hair brushes and combs, makeup, and other personal items! Keep like goods together. Put all of your makeup in one drawer, all of your hair accessories in another, your lotions and perfumes in yet another, and so on and so forth.

 ways To Organize Bathroom Drawers

My cosmetics was stored in the top two drawers of my dresser. One drawer for the cosmetics that I use every day, and the other for the makeup that I just seldom use. Because I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I don’t have a lot of it, but if you have a lot of makeup, an acrylic organizer would be the right solution for you! I keep my eyeshadow palettes and contact lenses in the drawer that is directly below this one. The compact storage tray was large enough to accommodate a Smashbox Palette in addition to four Naked Palettes.


I put nail polish and foot care items in another drawer that I had available for storage. My Pedifoot, nail polish, and various nail tools can all fit inside the storage containers that I purchased from the Dollar Tree. A bottle of perfume, hair ties, and a handheld mirror are contained within the storage tray made by Mainstays. I keep a bottle of nail polish remover and a canister of dry shampoo hidden behind these storage trays.

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My bathroom drawers have remained very well organized thanks to the use of this method so far. I have no complaints about it at all! Leave a comment below and tell me how you organize the drawers in your bathroom vanity.