21 Clever Ideas for the Storage of Recycling


Do you wish you had a little bit extra room for storage at home? Why not give the things you currently have around the house a new lease on life by giving them a second chance as useful organizers?

Why would you get rid of old products and items that you can recycle or upcycle instead of just throwing them away when you can? You can certainly donate them to a local thrift shop if you so choose.

But I think it will be a lot more fun to take everything apart and put it back together into something brand new and incredible, don’t you agree? You could also think about salvaging for the purpose of obtaining spare parts.

In light of this, have a look at these 27 creative solutions for the storage of recyclables.


1. Washi Tape Dispenser You Can Make Yourself

I have never stopped coveting a dispenser for washi tape. Don’t bother asking me why I require it; the fact is that I do, and so do you! It is the optimal method for arranging all of your washi tapes in an orderly fashion and making more efficient use of them.


2. DIY Cabinet Organizer

DIY Cabinet Organizer

When you have attractive cabinets, you have a need to ensure that they are well-organized so that you can do them honor. The cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom deserve the finest, and the way to get it is to organize the contents of the cabinets.


This do-it-yourself cabinet organizer ought to be of use to you with that undertaking. You are free to choose the form and dimensions that work best for the items you intend to store.

One of its most useful applications is as an organizer for the space under the sink. Because of the way it is designed, you may also adhere the organizer to the inside of the cabinets or the back of the door. To get started, come on over here and pick up some velcro tape with an adhesive backing.



3. Repurposed Cardboard Container

Repurposed Cardboard Container

At my house, we have a never-ending supply of cardboard boxes. I have a secret stash in my garage, and that secret hoard is always getting bigger. These crates can be repurposed into storage boxes with a little bit of work.


To begin, select a cardboard box with the appropriate dimensions and form factor. You’re going to need some wrapping paper and a box cutter from around here. Maybe something substantial and printed with vibrant patterns would work best.


These boxes have dimensions that are just right for fitting in your cabinetry and cupboards. You may store things like clothes and shoes, as well as documents and folders. Check out these different ways to organize things for more sources of motivation.


4. Magazine Holder Made From Recycled Materials

Magazine Holder Made From Recycled Materials

Have you ever given any attention to the possibility of fashioning a basket out of the pile of outdated magazines that you keep in your recycle bin? Even if you are going to be weaving paper, it is never a bad idea to educate yourself on the pattern and method of basketweave.


To get started, cut lengthy strips from the pages of the magazine. If you use pages with a glossy finish and a greater thickness, your basket will have a greater chance of being strong and resilient.


You will need to carefully follow the directions on how to fold and crease each strip in order to complete this project. After you have finished all of your preparation work, you may get started weaving your basket!



The nicest aspect is that you may create multiple dispensers to hold your tapes rather than just one single one. If you want to keep up with the expansion of your washi tape collection, you can simply construct additional of these dispensers.


It is possible to limit the amount of embellishment used and instead rely on the washi tapes themselves to fulfill this function. Alternately, you might wrap your dispensers with patterned or printed paper instead.



5. Transformed Containers from the Dollar Store

 Transformed Containers from the Dollar Store

Craft supplies can be found at dollar stores, and they are often of a very high quality. Because they are so unremarkable, they lend themselves particularly well to being repurposed into something truly remarkable.


6. DIY Rope Basket

Have you ever observed that no matter how well you organize your linen or clothing closet, there is always a need for more storage boxes? The moment you believe you have put away all of your pants, you are suddenly confronted by a half dozen tees that require yet another box in order to properly store them.


This rope basket that you can make yourself is ideal for keeping your folded t-shirts and slacks. It helps to declutter your closet and gives you the ability to make the most of the space that is available in there.


Pick up some hemp rope from this location, your hot glue gun, and a length of fabric to line the interior of your basket so that you have everything you need to complete your project. You’ll also need an old box made of cardboard or plastic to complete this project.


7. Repurposed hanging buckets for storage (upcycled)

If you’ve ever purchased one of those large tubs of yogurt, you’ll be aware of how convenient those tubs can be in a variety of situations. They are the perfect size for use as hanging storage containers due to their dimensions.


But before they’re ready to be hung up, don’t you think they should get a little bit of a makeover first? To begin, give your bathtub a good scrub, then rinse it out and dry it well.

Following this step, you are going to select some attractive printed napkins to use as decoupage over the tubs. You are going to need a bottle of decoupage glue; the mod podge that we sell should work just fine.


They offer a wide selection of containers for customers to choose from, in addition to a plethora of embellishments, ribbons, and other items that can be used to adorn the containers.

You’d be shocked at how much a simple coat of paint can transform an uninteresting glass container into something spectacular and decorative, like a bowl or vase, for example.


8. Recycle Bottled Organizers (and their contents)

You are probably aware that you may just place empty bottles of Pepsi or Coke in the recycling bin. I have the ideal do-it-yourself project for you to use those bottles in, and you can find it here. Or at the very least the base of the bottles.


You may remove the bases from these bottles by slicing them with a hobby knife. These cutouts are going to become recycled bottle organizers once you apply some washi tape to them in a couple different patterns.


They are ideal for storing a wide variety of office supplies, including paper clips, staples, sticky notes, and even more.


9. DIY Desk Magazine Organizer


There will be moments when you feel as though your magazines are strewn about everywhere, and nothing, not even your efforts to stack them or put them in a box, will be able to bring order to the chaos. You are going to want to get rid of any obvious trash on your desktop, and this magazine organizer for your desk is exactly what you need to do so.


This organizer is not only very simple to construct but also quite inexpensive because it is made from an old cardboard box. You can make this lovely magazine holder out of an empty cereal box by following these instructions.


Gather yourself a pair of scissors, a ruler, and a pencil, as well as a roll of the wrapping paper of your choosing or self-adhesive wrapping paper (see here) to get started. Check out this do-it-yourself desk organizer made out of cereal boxes if you’re interested in working on another project that’s similar to this one.


10. Wooden Pallet Boxes You Can Make Yourself

Do you still have any unused wooden pallets in your garage from the projects you worked on in the past? If so, we could put them to good use. I believe it would be beneficial for you to look into this do-it-yourself wood pallet crate creative project.


You may also create these crates out of recycled or repurposed wood; in the end, you’ll be reusing the material in the most environmentally friendly way possible!


You may make a crate of any size you like by following the design and the template for this project, which you can get here. Because the undertaking requires some kind of preparation on your part, you should definitely schedule aside a whole weekend for it. Take a deep breath, grab this circular saw, and get to work!


11. DIY Earring Organizer

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you had to cram all of your accessories into a single drawer of your dresser and call it a day, this article is for you.

If this is the case, then the earring organizer that you can make yourself is the perfect project for you.


Your days of rummaging through the dresser in search of that mysterious set of earrings that went missing are long behind you. It is time to organize and make your earrings more accessible, so the first thing you should do is gather all of your supplies.


You may grab a photo frame, a pair of scissors, and some shelf liner from this location. You only need those three things and you’ll be good to go. That’s pretty much it.


12. DIY Magnetic Organizer

Makeup, beauty products, and other little objects are much easier to keep track of with the help of this magnetic organizer that you can construct yourself. For instance, if you could have a small space to identify your keys or even some extra coin, that would be quite helpful.


13. Empty cookie tins given a new purpose

If you can find a rational human being who doesn’t enjoy cookies, I’ll gladly alter my name and swallow my tongue in response. The tins that the cookies arrive in are another thing that I adore almost as much as the cookies themselves.


You may always use them to store little trinkets, accessories, or even just change in the event that you don’t have anything else to put them. You can create a brand new set of storage boxes by reusing biscuit tins, giving them a little bit of a makeover, and then storing your items in them.

What should we get started with first? Completely devour the remaining cookies. Then, before you begin working on this project, make sure the tins are spotless by washing, rinsing, and drying them completely.


14. A bookshelf made of cardboard

Boxes made of cardboard are an extremely versatile craft material. They are ideal for recycling and upcycling, which can be used to build a wide variety of items that are original and inventive.


This cardboard bookshelf is ideal for perching atop a desk in a corner, where it can accommodate a comfortable number of books despite its diminutive size. You are going to be shocked when you see how simple it is to construct this shelf, and even more shocked when you see how durable it is.


Get your hot glue gun ready, as well as some duct tape, white masking tape, thick patterned paper, a cutter, and a cutting map.


15. A Place to Store the Headband

You haven’t given much attention to the possibility of keeping your headbands and headbands organized in any kind of storage system, have you? Oh, you can certainly keep all of them in a box, but this method of storing them is going to be significantly more efficient!


First things first, choose a picture frame. You can either purchase a new frame or repurpose an older one to utilize for this project. Both options are available to you. You might also choose some artificial flowers, leaves, and ribbons to use as embellishments on the frame.


In addition to it, you will require a few tools, such as a glue gun and a staple gun. After that, position a length of ribbon across the front of the frame in the same manner as seen in the figure. This will provide you somewhere to store all of your hairbands.


16. A Container for Comic Books

A comic book would have been the icing on the cake of my youth if it had been complete with one. This smorgasbord of comic strips, contained within a single can or container, is the ideal way to pay homage to all of your favorite characters from comic books.


Get your comic books ready, along with a paper cutter, some mod podge, and a foam brush. You are going to plan out all of the individual panels that will go onto this can or container, and then you are going to use mod podge to attach them onto the can or container.


Do you have any idea what you could make out of this can? You might use it as a container for your plants! What an incredible addition a comic can planter would be!


17. Desk Organizer

Keeping the space on your desk organized can be a challenging endeavor. You undoubtedly have a lot of office supplies, such as pens, markers, and other writing implements, and you can’t really put all of that stuff away in a drawer, can you?


A desktop organizer is exactly what you require in order to store all of your writing utensils, including pens, pencils, and markers. This one can be crafted using used scrapbook paper or cardboard boxes, which, after being trimmed to the desired dimensions and painted, can be used as the base material.

Then, you can come over here and select a wooden plaque or tray to use as a surface to set your desk organizer(s) on. You are welcome to dabble in some experimentation by creating organizers of varying sizes and shapes.


18. Hand Sewn Denim Bins

Wait a second before you give up on an old pair of tattered trousers made of denim and trash them or throw them away. Why don’t you recycle those jeans so they may be used to make new denim?


Denim may be used to build incredibly useful bins or bin liners, just like the ones you see here. It is not necessary for you to get out your sewing machine; all you need is a needle and some thread, and you can sew it by hand.


You could even sew a cuff all the way around the borders if you wanted to. This not only makes the bins more aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes them more robust.


19. DIY Rope Basket Organizer

I have no doubt in my mind that you have an old plastic box or two stashed away somewhere in the back of your closet. You have undoubtedly been intending to recycle them, or even possibly upcycle them, so here is your opportunity to do so.


You are going to need some thick macrame cord or clothesline rope from around here. The thickness should be at least 10 to 12 millimeters. In order to secure the rope around the basket, you will additionally require your hot glue gun.

Get some fabric dye if you wish to color the rope that your clothesline is made of. You also have the option of purchasing macrame cords in a variety of colors. You’ll be OK if you only keep in mind to put on some gloves.


20. Crafts Made From Shoe Boxes

I can say with full certainty that every single person on the face of the planet has at least a few of shoeboxes stashed away in the furthest reaches of their closets or piled high in their garages. It is high time that those boxes be put to some productive use.


It appears so wonderful that I almost want to reach out and touch it, just to make sure that it’s not a trick of my eyes. It seems to have been lifted straight from the page of a blueprint, doesn’t it?


Once the paint is dry, scribble on the boxes using some black sharpies and some chalk paint that you can get from this location. If you utilize boxes of varying sizes, you will be able to stack them like the trunks that were used in the past.