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10+ Clever Bathroom Makeovers You Can Get at the Dollar Store


Because the bathroom is the first room we visit in the morning and the last one we visit before going to bed, it is essential that this room be one in which one may find peace and relaxation. As is common knowledge, a cluttered environment is not exactly calming.



You will be relieved to know that you do not have to spend an entire paycheck on bathroom organization supplies. A trip to the dollar shop will provide you with everything you require to transform your shelves, drawers, and sink from a chaotic mess into a well-organized space.


To that end, I have compiled a list of twenty bathroom organization hacks that are easy on the wallet and make use of items that can be purchased from your neighborhood dollar store.


1. Farmhouse Towels Ready in Five Minutes

Farmhouse Towels Ready in Five Minutes

After you have finished the prior task, all that is left to do is acquire some country-style towels so that the whole effect is complete. You won’t have any problems with this charming farmhouse-style towel project because it only takes around five minutes to complete.


To complete the task, your chosen white hand towels, some Floral Garden Lace (similar to this), your scissors, and your sewing machine are all that are required of you. Place your lace over the towel, and then stitch it down to secure it.


2. Simple Scrunchie Stacker

The next method is one that may very well be the most effective approach that I’ve discovered to manage your scrunchies. These teeny hair decorations are easy to misplace, but by employing this ingenious solution, you can keep them all in one spot where they are plainly visible.


The holder for the paper towels is here. Who would have guessed that this item used in the kitchen could also be used in such a great way in the bathroom? Place this on a shelf, then arrange your scrunchies on it to ensure that you never misplace another one!


3. A Towel Holder in an Industrial Style

This hack is for you if your bathroom does not have enough space for towel storage or if you are looking for an alternative way to store your clean guest towels. It’s not hard to make a plain wire basket into a sophisticated piece of country art.


You can purchase wire baskets similar to this one at the majority of different dollar stores. After that, all you need is some jute string (like this) and your hot glue gun to wrap the handle, and in an instant, it will go from being a basic item to a piece that exudes minimalist chic.


4. An organizer for the drawers in the bathroom

If you’re anything like me, the contents of the drawers in your bathroom can quickly get disorganized. If something is out of sight, it’s easier to forget about it, right? But if you’re tired of the drawers getting jammed shut due to clutter, this is a quick and easy solution that won’t cost you a lot of money.


Using some straightforward plastic bins like these will only take you ten minutes to complete this time-saving organization trick. You have the option of filling your drawers with a variety of bins that range in size, or you can choose to utilize just a few bins to organize the smaller stuff.


5. Simple and Elegant Bathroom Decorations

Regarding the topic of decoration, this is an amazing trick to liven up a boring corner, and it can be used even if you have a limited amount of space in your sink. To make it happen, all you need is three glass jars, a glass tray, and a bit of imagination.


Choosing a color palette and sticking with it throughout the hack is essential to its success. Two of your jars should be stuffed with little things that range in size and form, but the color scheme should remain consistent throughout. This will give it the appearance of being professional.


Make use of the last vase as a container for artificial flowers to direct the viewer’s attention upward and to create ornamental items.


6. Elegant and Straightforward Apothecary Jars

The home décor shops located all over the world compete with one another to provide us high-end apothecary jars at exorbitant costs. The reality is that you can acquire that very same jar at the dollar store or the thrift store in your area for a quarter of the price!


In the event that you are unable to locate actual jars, you can use this simple hack to create lids for vases purchased from dollar stores in order to achieve the desired impression. Make use of the clamp lids that come with mason jars of a size that is comparable to these.



7. Undercounter Cabinet Organizer

The following tip will require a little bit more time and effort from you, but it will be well worth it in the end to have an under-counter space that is well arranged. You may even use this innovative do-it-yourself concept into your cooking space!


You can make a pull-out organizer out of a single sheet of plywood, some nails, and some plastic baskets from the dollar store. This organizer will do an excellent job of reducing the amount of clutter in your home. This is the ideal woodworking project for someone who is just starting out.


8. Farmhouse Hula Hoop Shelving Unit

Have you ever came across a life hack that made you feel like you had no choice but to immediately add it to your “To Make” list? This hula hoop shelf takes pride of place at the very highest point of mine. You can construct a beautiful shelf out of something as uncomplicated as a hula hoop if you want to!


You are going to need two hula hoops, some salvaged wood, and some shelf brackets in order to complete this activity. If you buy hula hoops that already have that silver covering on them, you might be able to peel it off and avoid having to spray the circles with black paint.


9. Organization for the Undercounter That Can Be Stacked

The final hack on our list is one that is simple and uncomplicated to use. You can quickly build a personalized storage solution that is able to fit in a limited amount of space beneath the counter by purchasing many plastic bins in a variety of colors from a dollar store.


There is a straightforward method available for upgrading the look of these drawers if the plastic finish does not appeal to you. To achieve the appearance of weathered metal, use some matte black spray paint (available here) along with some pewter Rub ‘n Buff (available here).


10. DIY Cookie Sheet Magnetic Organizer

I am a huge fan of giving things new uses, and this cookie sheet organizer is the ideal solution for corralling all of your miscellaneous items into a single location. You can use it for jotting down notes, organizing your daily beauty products, or simply writing a short message to inspire yourself.

The success of this hack depends on the use of two tried-and-true components: Mod Podge (found here) and craft paper with a wood grain pattern, such as this. Using them, you may give the appearance that the base of your cookie sheet is made of wood while preserving its magnetic properties.


After that, all that is needed to do is go out and buy some adorable magnets like these, and you will be ready to start sticking things.


11. An Inexpensive and Straightforward Shower Caddy

It can be a significant pain to locate sufficient storage space in the shower, regardless of whether you have an in-bath shower or a normal cubicle. The rims of our bathtubs aren’t quite cutting it anymore! Because of this, we have no choice but to utilize the wall space.


This is the ideal option for you if you don’t want to install a permanent fixture in your shower or if you rent your home. Installing some plastic baskets from a dollar store on some command hooks in this manner will provide additional storage space.


12. Stackable Trays in a Rustic Farmhouse Style

These trays are perfect for displaying plants or other little trinkets, and incorporating elements of the farmhouse design into your bathroom is a simple and easy way to give it a more elegant appearance. Burner covers and laundry hangers are all that are required for this project.

You are going to need some reliable black and white chalk paint like this in order to transform these straightforward components into a sophisticated tiered tray. Anything, regardless of its composition, can easily acquire a weathered appearance by applying this technique.